Customer service


Answering your questions is just a start – we solve the problem

Our customer service team is always available to make sure you receive the correct information the moment you need it.


Anna Skoglund
reception desk, outgoing shipments, invoices

Anna greets and guides our customers from behind the reception desk and over the phone. She also deals with inquiries regarding invoices and shipments from us to our customers: contact her directly if you have questions regarding outgoing shipments.

Lise-Lotte Arvidsson
payments, bookkeeping

Lise-Lotte handles both outgoing and incoming payments: she answers any inquiries you may have regarding such matters. She also takes care of day to day bookkeeping operations.



Tobias Johansson
financial manager, accountancy, foreign exchange, etc

Tobias is in charge of financial matters and administration. As a partner he is able to answer questions of greater significance and make financial decisions.

Johan Sjöblom
incoming shipments, documents

Johan is your contact when it comes to shipments from our suppliers to us: contact him when you have questions regarding incoming shipments. He also manages documents such as import statements and business agreements.