License production


World-famous brands – our design

Often the brand itself is most important to the consumer, why we sell the world-famous brands in demand by your customers. Unibrands do license production of the all-time success Hello Kitty, the cool classic Star Wars and the newcomer Chuggington. In quite a few product areas too: jackets, rainwear, sweatshirts, jeans, tunics, dresses and skirts, only to mention a few.

License production is a service as much as the pride of our business – we handle the strict rules and rigorous prohibitions around the use of brands in our product development. To make everything easier for individual retailers, distribution of our products is handled by Carlsteins Fabriker,, on the Swedish and Finnish markets and by Janusfabrikken,, in Norway.

Unibrands makes it easy to fill your store with world-famous brands!

Maria Segersteen