Precise results and the brand recognition effect

The advantages of our own brands are many, one of which is that we know them well and always give you exactly the material you need. Another is the materials working as brands in themselves – your customers will recognize them as old friends despite the product arriving to the shelf only yesterday.

AQUA Control
is a versatile material and comes in three variants. The standard variant is a durable and water resistant material. AQUA Control + provides good water resistance and the material breathes, which ensures the wearer good comfort. AQUA Control Pro + has taped seams, which in combination with windproof and water resistant qualities makes it highly water resistant while the material is still able to breathe to let out excess moisture from the inside.

is used in products designed to keep moisture out entirely. The material goes the whole way and provides a coating that, together with taped or welded seams, results in complete waterproofing.

is a unique material that is completely waterproof while breathing to let moisture evaporate from the inside. The waterproof and windproof material is enhanced by taped or welded seams – the ultimate combination of comfort and waterproofing.