Colorful, durable and with extras such as all-weather and waterproof – our children’s wear department creates entire collections for several major corporations. The market for children’s wear grows stronger for each passing year and our department grows even faster, since an increasing number of our customers choose to let us to take care of the entire production process, from design to production and distribution.

Our strength is that we have a team that works with everything in children’s wear. That is why the children’s wear department does much more than just outerwear – in addition to children’s jackets and overalls we work with two-piece sets and sweaters. We create clothes children want to wear!

We work from the ground up: in rain wear and all-weather we have everything from rubber boots in cool designs to umbrellas and rain coats. Our strength lies in the fact that we don’t need to stake our reputation on materials others have created – our own materials handle most of the our customers’ needs.

We have successfully navigated the strong demand for fashionable rain wear and trendy rubber boots through recent years. Our success is directly connected to the colorful designs and patterns created by our skilled designers – designs that will stay in fashion for years to come.

If the design is available on the market, then we have it. We design and produce jackets, coats, vests, soft shell, anoraks and ski sets – our customers rely on the combination of breadth and specialization in our business expertise, design and product range.

Women’s fashion is known for the swiftness with which trends come and go. Our large collection of samples reflects the market experience and the sensitivity to trends of our co-workers. Visiting us will give inspiration, accurate trend analyses and a preview of future top-sellers – we know which products will actually sell, not only what is new and trendy.

Creating clothes to suit the rider and the sport is a challenge, since it is much more than just materials, trends and production details. Riding wear is perhaps our most knowledge-driven department and is built form the ground up by staff who knows riding first hand.

We offer a full range of products from outerwear and all-weather clothing to underwear – almost every kind of riding wear there is. Also, our products come in a variety of materials such as knitted, leather and our own materials, such as Aqua Proof and Aqua Control which add different levels of water proofing to our garments.

The combination of design and function makes our jackets become our customers’ top-sellers, year after year. Go take a trend trip to Unibrands: Daniel will guide you all the way. Stay with the tour and you will see some of the jewels of our collections. Visiting us is always a good idea!

Having one’s employees dress in promotional clothing is not exactly unique – however, for them to look smart in those clothes is rare indeed. Promotional clothing doesn’t have to be dull – we design work wear to look smart, since it is fundamental to enhancing the promotional print.

We do not have an "or" between function and design – we create clothing that is both top fashion and helps getting the job done. Our own materials provide that little extra: AQUAproof for outdoor works in pouring rain or a coating of AQUA Control to protect against moisture, for example.



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